HOW TO WIN R25 000


Your custom ad will appear live across 4 top publisher sites over 3 days.




11 November

12 November

13 November

between 2pm & 5pm

Artboard 32.png
Artboard 32.png
Artboard 32 copy@3x.png

From your mobile phone, go onto one of the 4 top publisher sites to screenshot your custom ad (it will be a mobile rectangle or sticky banner).

Artboard 36.png
Artboard 35.png
Artboard 34.png
Artboard 37.png
Artboard 32 copy@3x.png
Artboard 31@3x.png

Share your location to view your custom ad

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Where is my Ad- Wix Elements-43.png

Browse through the site, refreshing the page until you find your custom ad (mobile rectangle or sticky banner), or click into an article to see it - then screenshot your ad

Artboard 22@3x.png

        Go to your LinkedIn page, then:

  1. Share your custom ad screenshot

  2. Use the hashtag: #WhereIsMyAd

  3. Tag Vicinity Media and someone in marketing, advertising or media in the comments

  4. Follow Vicinity Media on LinkedIn

  5. Do the same on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter for additional entries


The winner will be announced on Tuesday 17 November 2020. T&Cs apply.

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Where is my Ad- Wix Elements-02.png
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